The most expensive place to get married in the United States is New York City followed by Chicago. While getting married in these two cities is expensive, there are many inexpensive places to have your wedding photos taken allowing you to save money.

New York City

Central Park is a favorite place for couples to get their wedding photos taken. The long vantage point and the pine trees make the mall there a popular spot during any season. If you are looking for an unexpected twist to your wedding photography, then consider the New York City Subway system. The atmosphere allows people to really loosen up and have a great time.


If you are in Chicago looking for a fun wedding photo location, then consider Lincoln Park Zoo. Cafe Brauer at the zoo is an elegant setting for couple photos. This location is especially perfect for winter wedding photos because of all the holiday lights. Union Station is an iconic photo location with inside and outside possibilities. The columns outside make an outstanding couple shot that can be framed in so many different ways.

While it may be difficult to decide where you want your wedding photos taken, the easiest decision to make when planning your wedding it to let George Street Photo and Video Locations take them.


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