Copa Star Hospital has completed its renovation which has taken about three years. The residents of Rio were happy to receive a new hospital with new standards. The new Copa Star Hospital is located in Rio de Janeiro in Figueiredo Magalhaes Street, Copacabana. After the renovation of the health facility, it has improved services as well as products with a combination of luxury, comfort, and excellent technology. The new building is part of the Rede D’Or SauLuiz ventures, and it looks like a five-star hotel. Read more at about Copa Star.

The health facility is one of its own with 21 thousand square meters and seven floors which are developed with the latest technology and modification. Copa Star Hospital has one of the technologies that cannot and has never been found in any other medical center in the country. The medical facility provides iPads to their inpatients which allow them to have a conversation with their doctors or even nurses. Hospital Copa Star also has automated beds in their patients’ rooms.

Residence in Rio used to travel to Sao Paulo to get sophisticated medical attention, this is according to the founder, cardiologist, and who is the President of Copa Star Hospital Jorge Moll. The reconstruction of the hospital cost more than R$ 400 million, and it began in 2013. The President of the medical center further said that the new facility brings excellent health care services combined with medical experts who have a vast experience in the medical procedures as well as handling of patients. Copa Star creates a friendly environment which helps their patients recover easily. The corridors at the hospital are human-friendly and comfortable for use by any person including the disabled. The art on the corridors are also very attractive and was done by a paint expert Yutaka Toyota from Japan.

Copa Star Hospital took about two months to train its staff on how to use and operate their new building as well as the facilities in the center. The team at the organization consists of about 550 officers who 113 are professional medical doctors. The team has also been trained on how to handle their patients, how to dress while in the hospital, and also what kind of makeup to apply.

The hospital management announced that it would not only accept private patients who can pay an enormous amount of cash to receive treatment, but it is open to every patient in the country and abroad. The center also will accept all forms of payment including insurance plans. The center is planning to expand its services to other cities shortly.

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