As the leading provider of public safety technology tools in the industry, Securus Technologies receives a lot of feedback from their customers. These customers are made up of officials in police departments and corrections facilities across America and Canada. The tools are used to prevent crimes from happening and investigate them when they do, as well as provide safety in prisons and monitor inmates calls to the outside world.

Rick Smith is the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Securus Technologies. When releasing the customer’s comments, he also made a statement saying that his company is committed to providing cutting-edge technology to those in the civil and criminal justice industries. He said his team at Securus Technologies release a new technological tool every week that helps keep the public safe. He said the letters show how his company’s tools are being used to help society and that his company is a partner in protecting and serving the citizens in the countries they operate in.

One of the letters expresses how Securus Technologies tools were used to apprehend a corrupt staff member at one corrections facilities. Due to phone monitoring, they were able to determine the staff member had been introducing contraband into the prison. This resulted in that person’s arrest and the letter writer said they couldn’t have done it without Securus Technologies.

Another letter writer said that his facility had been rife with contraband such as drugs, alcohol, and illicit mobile phones. Monitored calls led to shutting down the ring that had been supplying this contraband, including a person from outside the prison who had been illegally selling prescription drugs.

The letters all describe how officials use Securus Technologies tools on a daily basis and consider the company an excellent partner in their efforts to keep the public safe.


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