In a world full of YouTube beauty product review channels, cosmetic blogs full of Sephora product first impression articles, and reviews written about products on their selling platforms, women want to know how others rate the claims that companies are making about their products. A review that stood out was one made by Emily McClure, a female who decided to give Wen by Chaz’s cleansing conditioner a try, as well as provide the public an interesting article about how it performed on her fine hair.

What exactly is a cleansing conditioner? Well, it is a product that simultaneously washes and conditioners your hair at the same time. The benefits of saving time and soft hair are enough to captivate many people’s attention, giving Wen by Chaz’s hair care line an edge over the other Amazon products. Emily McClure reported on Bustle’s website that it made her hair feel great, and even that less hair strands fell out when she washed her hair (compared to her other cleansing regimen products). Photos of each day’s hair was posted over a period of 7 days. For those interested in seeing the photos of Emily’s cleansed and conditioned hair, take a trip over to, where the original article can be found.

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