Adam Goldenberg is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He has a knack for developing companies that do well financially and appeal to mass markets. Adam Goldenberg has founded or co-founded three different companies, and they are Gamer’s Alliance, Inc, Intelligent Beauty, and Techstyle Fashion Group.

Intelligent Beauty. Intelligent Beauty was the second company Adam Goldenberg had a hand in founding. This company focuses on personal care, fashion, and beauty. The staff and founders believe in using technology to grow a strong brand, as well as making it a quick process to launch new brands.

Fabletics & JustFab. Fabletics and JustFab are success stories from Techstyle Fashion Group. Techstyle Fashion Group believes in the power of technology and is a platform to launch new brands quickly and efficiently. They use collected data to increase customer satisfaction and make the whole process more efficient. Since they were introduced in 2010, they have been making massive sales with an ever-growing base of loyal clients who come back again and again.

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Keeping the Company Strong. Mr. Goldenberg believes in using numbers to keep track and fix what doesn’t work, along with what does. This is an essential piece of their processes because they check the numbers daily, sometimes hourly. They’re also big believers in the importance of customer feedback on JustFab found out early on that the clients are willing to pay $39.99 for handbags or shoes, but not for accessories, so they adjusted the prices accordingly and profits soared. The staff must be passionate about what they do to be able to thrive in this work environment. That passion will translate over into every part of the company, and this will help make it a success.

Mr. Adam Goldenberg has proven time and time again that he has the drive and passion for making a business successful. His dedication to his staff and clients are rewarded by continued growth and sales that show no sign of slowing down.

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  1. Leaders in very progressive companies must show passion and that is exactly what Adam Goldenberg has in his work. Driving assignments to the successful completion and really going along the line to succeed. This will lead to so much successful career and allow possibilities to happen in the future as well.

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