People that attend Success Academy are naturally going to be able to do better on exams. Doing well on standardized tests can take you to new places in life. They have the ability to improve their lives because they are exposed to a school system with a better education. This is something that many people cannot take for granted be because the school system in New York is in trouble when it comes to public school.


Eva Moskowitz recognized this a long time ago and she wanted to do something about it. She is someone that feels that she did not even learn much when she was in high school. She did not want the curse of a bad education to continue. Eva wanted to revive children with more opportunities to learn, and this is the beginning of an education reform that Betsy DeVos, US Secretary of Education, is referring to. Success Academy is on the front end of education reform. This is not a school system that is in place everywhere, but people get an idea of what better education looks like through charter schools when they can see students with higher grades in a large metropolitan city such as New York. It shows that this is a school system with a concept that has merit. Is not any ideology that is brought forth that doesn’t have results who back it up. The students are making better grades, and there is proof that they are excelling in the classes that they are taking. This should be all that a parent needs to know when it comes to trying to get their children into Success Academy.


Success Academy originally started as the Harlem Success Academy and Eva would branch out as a result of the tremendous success that was created through this channel of an alternative education system. Children feel that they are transported to another environment with Success Academy, and there is a higher standard of success that is expected. These are the things that are providing a blueprint for success for students that attend the Success Academy Schools.


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