Kim Dao starts off in Akihabara with 10,000 Yen, telling us that she is going to spend the money on shopping and activities as well as on a capsule hotel in Akihabara with her friend Emma. Kim Dao and Emma start by going to the Akihabara Bay Hotel, a female only capsule hotel where they will be spending the night ( The cost of the hotel was 3,800 yen, so now Kim is left with 6,200 yen, or about 62 dollars. Included in this capsule hotel are free toiletries, pajamas, slippers and a locker to store your bags. The hotel has a work area, a makeup area and a laundry room. After showing the capsule hotel, Kim and Emma grab lunch which costs 650 yen and leaves Kim with 5,550 Yen. They then go check out a retro games store that also contains stuffed Pokemon. At the store Kim played a retro Mario game for 100 Yen, leaving her with 5,450 Yen. After looking around the retro game store, Kim and Emma go anime shopping where kim buys a stuffed Pikachu for 1728 Yen, putting her at 3722 Yen ( Afterwards they go to Don Quijote where Kim buys more Pokemon related items for 1000 Yen and a charging cable for 800 Yen, dropping her down to 1922 Yen. They then go to an arcade where they play a number of games and Kim leaves with 1392 Yen ( For a snack they get Magikarp Taiyaki for 206 Yen and water for 150. Then for dinner they got 50 chicken nuggets for 1000 Yen, leaving Kim with only 36 Yen. After dinner they go back to the capsule hotel and go to bed.Learn more :


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  1. Which Youtuber doesn’t know about Kim and her exquisite taste for fun and that is how her fan base keeps on being on the rise I’m not surprise seeing her spend that much. With more at essay services her visit to Japan is strictly to have fun and I think she needs it life they say is short but if only she can reduce her exorbitant nature though its not my money I’m just saying it doesn’t look responsible showing up on social media how much fun you had and what you did, probably I’m being too concerned which i shouldn’t.

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