Don’t miss this money making opportunity! Started in 2001, The Traveling Vineyard offers anyone the chance to make some extra money from home. Here is how it works. People sign up to become wine tasting guides. If you are a guide, you will set up wine tasting parties and events in your home. You will get people from your neighborhood or friends to come along. You will have fun and help guide people to buying the right wine for them, which is how you will make money.

You are not limited in how much money you can make. The truth is that it is fairly easy to start, as you are not alone at any step of the way. When starting out, you will get access to a lot of training and support online and in person. You will get marketing materials and a success kit that contains whatever you will need to be successful. All you need to do to get started is to sign up on their website, after which you will be immediately matched with someone who will help guide you. This will be your personal guide and trainer, and they will give you advice so that you can get started with throwing events and making money right away. You will be able to call them up and ask any questions whenever you need to. There is an online training center that will teach you how to market your events, how to get people to come, how to make your events exciting, and of course, how to make money working from home. There is also a Harvest Conference where you will be able to hear speakers and interact with other wine guides and people who are working with The Traveling Vineyard to make money.

The Traveling Vineyard is based in Massachusetts. It has around five thousand representatives. You can become a representative as well. A representative is another name for a wine guide. The Traveling Vineyard is a member of the Better Business Bureau. It is also a member of the Direct Selling Association, which holds all its members to high standards.

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