40 year ago, Omar Boraie moved to New Brunswick with an intention to obtain Ph.D. in Chemistry. While in New Brunswick, Omar developed an interest in real estate business. He began by buying plots and neglected structures within the region. In 1988, Omar officially opened the Albany Street Plaza Tower One. The plaza offered the residents first class offices. In 2007, he opened the second building known as Albany Street Plaza Tower Two. This plaza was followed immediately with the One Spring Street Condominium which had a capacity of 120 apartments of varying sizes.

Boraie Development continued to buy underutilized and buildings. The company then convert such buildings into proper structures which can be used for housing accommodation and offices. His son then took over the company as the vice president and made great innovations to establish decent buildings in areas that were considered waste. The Boraie Development helped to rehabilitate the area around the Richard Stockon College which looked like a dump. He also renovated the students’ hostels to accommodate about 400 students.

According to WSJ, the vision of Omar Boraie to change the state of New Brunswick by investing into the real estate business has come to pass. His mentality and belief that he could add value to anything invaluable and increase its worth led him to this far. His son Wasseem Boraie who took after him contributed immensely towards the achievement of his goals. Through his charismatic leadership approach, he managed to get many supporters who have helped him in achieving the goals of the company. Visit Fundacity for more info.

A real estate development company known as Boraie Development LLC is located in New Brunswick in New Jersey. The company is a specializes in urban development within the region. This was the vision of the president of Boraie Company some years back. The president, Omar Boraie is delighted to see his dream for New Brunswick come to pass.the information above was published at Central Jersey Working Moms. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Omar Boraie is a Genomic Scientist and an entrepreneur. He worked as a traveling scholar of chemistry in Europe. In 1972, Omar Boraie decided to start the real estate business after seeing the need in the region. He saw an opportunity for luxury developments since many professionals were working in New Brunswick with no place to stay. This professional had to leave New Brunswick deserted after job. With an intention to attract high-level tenants, he decided to design his building projects in a way that would attract them.


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