Monkey Capital is the number one ICO options selling company in the world. This is so because the company is the first ever in the history of ICO to successfully sell options. Monkey Capital made history in July 2017. Monkey Capital is a form of a decentralized hedge fund that deals with blockchain systems, SpaceX supply contracts as well as the hostile takeover of public companies. Monkey Capital also involved deeply in speculating large blocks of cryptocurrency.

In today’s world, words such as “cryptocurrency” are widely known. Cryptocurrencies are normally circulated through blockchain systems. Monkey Capital being a big player in this market hopes that it will benefit from the huge demand that is being experienced nowadays. More and more people continue to accept the authenticity of cryptocurrencies. This is evident in the manner in which the value of cryptocurrencies continues to swear rapidly. Demand for cryptocurrencies is expected to hit a record high in the next few years.

Daniel Mark Harrison is the managing partner of Monkey Capital. His role is to oversee the operations of the venture capital. According to him, the blockchain systems offers a secure way of transacting in cryptocurrencies. Blockchain system allows users to make transactions anonymously via the internet. The process usually starts by one person requesting for a transaction via the blockchain software. The request is received by a peer-peer network of a node computer. Then, each node will either accept or reject the request. Normally an already set algorithm is used for this system. Transactions will only occur after the transaction is confirmed by the network. In the last stage of completing the transaction, the confirmed request is placed to an existing blockchain.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Daniel Mark Harrison is an entrepreneur, a media expert, and an author. He is the current CEO of DMH&Co (Daniel Mark Harrison & Co). This is a family owned business which he operates on behalf. DMH&Co run its operations from Singapore, and Bangkok among other places. He is a prominent business leader in Asia.

Daniel Mark Harrison is the managing partner of Monkey Capital. This is a form of a decentralized hedge fund.

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