With more than a century of experience in engineering and manufacturing, National steel car has garnered a reputation as the one of the best tank car and railway freight manufacturers in the world. The man behind the development and accomplishment of this company is Gregory James Aziz. His insight, amplitude, and his initiative have made this company the world-renowned organization in the auto industry. Greg James Aziz has sat at the helm of this company since 1994, serving as the chairperson, the president, and the CEO.

The 68-years old, was born in Ontario, where he currently resides. He graduated from Ridley college before pursuing a degree in economics at Western University. His accomplishment is followed by a family food business known as the Affiliated Food where he gained a lot of experience in management. The family business started as a mere company to being the worldwide importer of fresh foods with its main distribution centers located in the United States and Eastern Canada.

Greg Aziz left the company to pursue a career in investment banking. He has worked in several banking positions in New York on 1980s and in the early 1990s before joining National steel Car in 1994. His goal was to transform the company from a mere company to being the largest car manufacturer in the world. Since joining the company, Greg has been at the forefront in steeling the company to the top position in the auto industry. See More Information.

Greg Aziz has ensured that the company remains a North American’s leader in development and innovation in the railcar manufacturing. Through his leadership, the company has worked with numerous communities, particularly the Hamilton community in making their lives better. Today, the National steer car has over 2000 employee from Hamilton. The company has also been actively involved in numerous charities. Thanks to his relentless pursuit of making the company the best, now the company leads in the industry. Over the years, National Steel Car Company has been honored with more than 13 highest quality awards.

Greg James Aziz is not only a successful business leader but also a family man. He and his wife have dedicated part of their hard-earned resources sponsoring one of the Canada’s most prominent agriculture fair, and other activities in Hamilton, Ontario.

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