The National Steel Car is one of the largest Canadian manufacturing companies which produce rolling stocks and rail road freight cars. The company was founded in 1912 by a group of investors in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, as they have seen that the growing number of rail road tracks in Canada would become advantageous to a company that manufactures rolling stocks. During the early years of the National Steel Car, rolling stock orders coming from private firms are steadily growing up. One of their earliest business partners was the transportation firms that will be using the Trans-Canadian Railway for the transport of passengers and goods. The Canadian Government also became their business partner, and the National Steel Car soon became one of the most important businesses in the country because of the quality of rolling stocks that they manufacture.


The National Steel Car is doing great business in the late 1920s, until the Great Depression came. This economic crisis has turned millions around the world jobless and homeless, and it resulted to the closure of businesses and the stock market crash. The National Steel Car was not spared from this economic disaster, as the number of orders for their rolling stock went down. Sometimes, they even receive no orders at all, so for them to survive, the National Steel Car decided to manufacture other products, aside from rolling stocks. When the Second World War erupted, the National Steel Car was contracted by the government to manufacture war vehicles and equipment. It resulted to the gradual growth of the company, and they managed to get back on track after the war has ended. In 1962, the National Steel Car went into the hands of Dofasco, a Canadian company which manufactures steel. The company performed well under Dofasco, but a crisis within the rail road industry came during the 1980s, and the National Steel Car was on the brink of bankruptcy. Gregory James Aziz, or Greg Aziz as he is also known, purchased the National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994. See Related Info Here.


Gregory J Aziz promised to return the company’s glory, as they have experienced it in the 1920s. The first thing that Gregory James Aziz did was to retain all of the employees of the National Steel Car under Dofasco. He believes that the people will be his investment, and he knows that they already have the tenure in operating the business. The number of employees grew from the original 600, to more than 3,000 today. Gregory James Aziz also fulfilled his promise of returning the company’s glory, as they are now able to manufacture 12,500 rolling stocks annually, compared to only 3,500 rolling stocks annually under Dofasco.

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