Gregory James Aziz is inarguably the most successful board chairman and CEO for both the National Steel Car and the National Industries, Inc. As the head of National Steel Car, he has managed to carry on with and even improve on the company’s 100-year reputation for manufacturing the best quality of railroad freight and tank cars in North Hamilton, Ontario and the entire North American region. Gregory Aziz is a firm believer that excellence comes as a product of good quality, high innovation levels, and a strong & dedicated customer care department. By having the three in place, National Steel Car stands out as the only railroad freight and tank car manufacturer in Canada with the highest customer retention rate.



Greg’s Achievements


Gregory J Aziz joined Western University and pursued economics at an undergraduate level before graduating and joining National Steel Car in 1994. 23 years on, he boasts of massive achievements in the company including having contributed to its ISO certification ISO 9001:2008. Over and above that, the company has received several accolades in respect to its great achievements under Greg Aziz. The annual TTX SECO award, for example, has gone the company’s way for more than ten consecutive years. These awards serve as an indication of National Steel Car’s unmatched efficiency in its production and daily operations. Greg believes that the company is and has been revolutionizing the rail industry in the world.



Great Team Members


Running such a big company as National Steel Car is not a one-person show. Behind the success of James Aziz is a dedicated and highly qualified team of engineers who always burn their midnight oil to build the best among the best. According to the company’s statistics, more than 2000 men and women of proven integrity are employed with the company on a permanent basis. Besides the employees, Gregory J Aziz believes that the suppliers who work with the company also have played a key role in the company’s success. According to him, these suppliers are not only loyal and dedicated but also share in the dream and mission of National Steel Car. Greg says that the relationship his company has with its suppliers and the levels of trust therein is wonderful. Get More Info Here.



Future Glory


As it is said, becoming number one is easier than remaining number one; this is a saying Gregory J Aziz understands perfectly well. In his own words, he admits that the glory that National Steel Car has witnessed in the past is not as important as what it will achieve in the future. This explains why he is relentless when it comes to pursuing excellence.

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