Today’s world is rapidly changing and there are a multitude of more opportunities to still have a career while technically being a stay at home mom. There are many opportunities to become financially independent and run your own business while still being autonamous in your career and being able to build a company for yourself that is as large as you would like it to be.

There are several key things to consider when thinking about a work-from-home opportunity. For example, what is the startup process and what type of overhead is involved? When considering any opportunity with a high overhead, make sure that you know of people that have seen tangible financial success. Next, analyze the opportunity to see if there is true growth potential and if that opportunity will really give you the ability to become an entrepreneur. A work-from-home opportunity should give you pride and allow you to take away a feeling of success and accomplishment. Sitting in front of the computer taking surveys for $3 each or doing constant cold calling for a product you don’t truly believe in will never give you the satisfaction of truly building a business you can call your own.

The Difference in Becoming a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

Traveling Vineyard has thousands of Wine Guides who have seen success and become financially independent. These people have started their own businesses with a fully autonomous schedule.

After connecting with someone who wants to host, you review the event with them and discuss things like theme, what types of wine they would like to serve and the ambiance of the event. For example, a wine tasting could focus on your standard white to red tasting, or could allow guests to explore various wines from different parts of the world, there are truly limitless options.

No matter what your host would like, you will always have the full support of your Traveling Vineyards coach as well as access to their online community and resource guide that is full of information to help you to become as successful as you would like.

Traveling Vineyards is also not just for stay at home moms, the company has incredibly successful Wine Guides that vary from stay at home moms to 20 somethings and even to older people who just want to share their love of wine with others. Traveling Vineyards was founded on the love of wine and that has continued to be their main focus, to share a love of wine from one fellow enthusiast to another.

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