Lately, there has been a huge buzz on the internet as people try to search Gregory James Aziz. As one of the great engineers, many people have been looking forward to reading more about him and how he has made his way to his current position and the achievements he has made. There have been very many articles that have been written about him, but one that features a deep sea of information and gives his true picture is the National Steel Car Company’s website where he works as the president, chairman, and the chief executive officer. The national steel car company is located in Hamilton and is one of the world’s leading companies in railroad freight engineering.


One of the factors that have contributed to the success of Gregory J Aziz is his historical background. He was born early in 1949 where he later joined the Ridley College for his studies. After the completion of his course, he proceeded to study Economics at the University of Western Ontario. It is after this that Greg joined the world of entrepreneurship with his first business being a wholesale food company owned by his family. The business dealt with Affiliated Foods, and in 1961 through the contribution of James Aziz, the company grew a remarkable rate of over 16 years and became one of the world’s leading importer of fresh foods.


While still managing the family-owned business, he went ahead to work with numerous investment banking opportunities in New York. It is still on his investment opportunities that in the 1980s and 1990s that he managed to organize the acquisition of the National steel car from Dofasco. Through the purchase process, Greg James Aziz main aim and determination was to one day transform this great Canadian company into one of the leading railroad freight car manufacturers. This is a determination that he did achieve through his contributions in engineering capabilities, capital investment and team building.


It is from this determination that the company managed to expand its production capabilities from 3500 cars annually to 12000 cars by the end of the year 1999. Still, on the same, there was an employment expansion by the company from 600 to more than 3000 employees. With a long-term experience in excellence engineering and his commitment to quality, the National Steel Car company managed to build a reputation as one of the top car engineering companies in the globe. With all these achievements made under him, his contributions in National Steel Car will always be remembered. Find Related Information Here.


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