Gregory James Aziz was the leader that National Steel Car desperately needed. They had been in business as a rail car manufacturer for decades and they wanted to complete an entire century. It was Greg James Aziz who brought them over this historic occasion. Because of his service, he would be promoted to the Chairman of National Industries, Inc. and serve as the Chairman of National Steel Car’s board.

Greg Aziz was able to do great things for National Steel Car because he received great wisdom during his time at Western University. This top-tier school would prepare him for his task as CEO of what would become North America’s top rail car manufacturer.


Greg Aziz’s wisdom would allow National Steel car to become the juggernaut it is today, almost ensuring that it can do business for another 100 years.


If Greg Aziz wanted to bring National Steel Car into the future, he had to remove it from the past. Upon his arrival, he noticed that the company was resting on its past accomplishments. If this continued, the company would implode, and he knew it. He led them to become innovators with great goals.


Greg Aziz pushed the company to look for ways to create more efficient cars that catered to their customers custom needs. It would be this persistent pursuit of excellence that would allow National Steel Car to rise through the ranks and take the top spot in North America as the first choice for railroad manufacturing.  Find More Information Here.

Because of this pursuit of excellence, Greg Aziz was able to create rail cars that could meet every customer’s unique needs. In addition to this, he could move more of their product a further distance in a quicker time and with more safety. This achievement made it a clear decision that you wanted to do business with them.


Greg Aziz held a press conference to recognize all those that made National Steel Car such an amazing company. He would thank his customers who have purchased millions of dollars of merchandise from National Steel Car. He would also thank his workers who faithfully gave him their all. Lastly, he would thank his fellow executives for bringing out the best in his workers and showing them all the potential the company had.


Greg Aziz brought them over the last 100 years, if they stay the course, 100 years more are theirs.

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