The National Steel Car has a long history of triumphs and defeats before being recognized as Canada’s Leading Rolling Stock Manufacturer under the leadership of Gregory James Aziz, who is more commonly known by his nickname Greg Aziz. The National Steel Car traces its roots back in 1912, when a group of investors in the city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada decided to establish a business that will benefit greatly from the construction of the Trans-Canadian Railways. They managed to raise the amount needed in opening the company, and as the National Steel Car opened its doors to the public for the first time, dozens have placed their orders. The early years of the National Steel Car is considered to be their golden age, because of the number of orders that are being ordered from them, as well as the number of clients that they have, including the government of Canada and several high-ranking rail transport companies in Canada.


1Everything was doing great, and the National Steel Car managed to record sales which has been breaking their previous records. However, this golden age did not last, and the demand for rolling stocks declined, as the world experiences an economic meltdown known as the Great Depression. The Great Depression brought the National Steel Car to its knees, and they had to manufacture other products in order to survive. However, when the Second World War came, the government of Canada gave the National Steel Car a chance to recover, and encouraged them to create weapons and vehicles to be used by the Allied forces in the war. The revenue of the National Steel Car rose gradually, until they managed to become stable once again after the war.

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In 1962, the National Steel Car was purchased by Dofasco, but another crisis in the rolling stock manufacturing industry forced Dofasco to sell them out. Gregory J Aziz heard the news about the National Steel Car being sold by Dofasco, and using the savings that he has from working in the financial industry, he purchased the rolling stock manufacturing company and promised them that he will be restoring their golden age under his leadership.

Since acquiring the National Steel Car in 1994, Gregory J Aziz is busy promoting the company to other North American countries, especially the United States. He wanted the company to be able to export its high-quality products overseas, and he wanted the brand to be known worldwide.



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