The leadership of a company determines the success of a business. The CEO of a company is, therefore, vital. The chief executive officer helps a firm resolve a lot of matters. The CEO has to keep the firm together in hard times and lead it to utilize the peak seasons. The determination and willingness to work is a reflection of the personality of the CEO.

National Steel Car success is a reflection of Gregory James Aziz. It is his spirit that he has transmitted to the employees that have wholly led to the company’s success.


Gregory J Aziz always has a dream of making the Canadian company the leading tank and railroad car manufacturer in North America. Like any other entrepreneur, this was a dream that remained undone for a long time. After his schooling, he was invited to work with the family’s fruit business.


Within the first 16 years of the business, it became one of the prestigious company in North America. It was importing and exporting the most substantial number of fresh fruits. Despite the success, this did not stop Gregory J Aziz from pursuing his dream. He moved in such of bank facilities. He worked in different financial institutions and finally gathered what he needed.


In 1994, he finally bought his first National Steel Car. In the beginning, it was not in good shape. A lot of hard work had to put in for results. This was not something that would block Gregory J Aziz from success. Gregory J Aziz taught his employees the need and importance for hard work. He transmitted his great core values to them.

This evidently did work because the company showed a lot of changes. The company’s output per year rose to 12000 from the usual 3500.The employee numbers also rose to 3500 from 500.This was not only in favor of the National Steel Car but the community as well. This meant employment opportunities. Go To This Page for related information about Aziz and National Steel Car.


James Aziz says that the National Steel Car success is a product of cooperation. He owes the victory to the employees who have been so keen to see through the projects. The clients have also contributed to the success a big deal. This is through the communication and feedback that gives the company a highlight of what they require from them.


In the 23 years that Gregory Aziz has worked in National Steel Car, the community has been beneficiaries. They are grateful for his contributions in the charity homes. Greg Aziz and his wife are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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