Hussain Sajwani, is chairman, CEO, and DAMAC owner. The company is a property development company, based in Dubai. They market luxury houses and apartment properties. He founded the DAMAC Group in 2002.


The billionaire started his career as a contracts manager at GASCO, a natural gas distribution company. Shortly after, he founded his own catering enterprise in 1982.


The catering venture has developed into a successful business and today it is operating more than 200 projects and giving over 150,000 meals daily in many countries. In the 1990s, he built many hotels for people who came to do business and other activities in the emirate. A few years later he started the DAMAC Group.


Hussain Sajwani and Donald Trump have a friendly and collaborative relationship with one another. They already have plans to co-operate the Trump International Golf Club in the UAE. It is a fitting place to put the golf club because luxury villas have been accumulating $2 billion in sales.


Hussain Sajwani family and Donald Trump’s family gets along just fine. Sajwani says that his “wife and Ivanka are very good friends,”


“They send emails. She’s been here to my house. We’ve been in New York having lunch and dinners with them regularly. And, you know, you enjoy working with somebody — it’s not only cold business relation.”


Since Trump became president of the United States, his children (Ivanka, Eric and Donald Jr.) have taken over talks with Sajwani about the golf club to avoid conflict of interest. Learn more:


“All his three children are very much involved, and I think under their leadership we will have no issue in expanding and growing and maintaining our business relation,” Sajwani said.


“They are very much involved with the details,” Sajwani said. “They’re very protective of their brand.


Hussain Sajwani is also a philanthropist and has donated two million AED to a campaign to clothe a million less fortunate children globally.


“The young are the future of society and it is crucially important to provide the right environment to give them the very best possible start in life,” Sajwani said. “DAMAC Properties has always supported the altruistic efforts of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed to improve the lives of others, particularly during the Holy month of Ramadan.” Learn more:

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