Hussain Sajwani has been known as an impressive billionaire across the majority of the 21st-century but has been building his own career success across more than three decades in the United Arab Emirates. Having already built his career to a success in the latter quarter of the 20th-century, Hussain Sajwani had been looking to gain entry to the luxury real estate markets of Dubai for a number of years but found his way blocked by an outdated rule designed to limit foreign development within this region of the Middle East.


In 2002, the government and royal family of the United Arab Emirates made a positive change to the laws of the nation with the decision to allow non-Emirati residents to develop real estate in Dubai; the arrival of Hussain Sajwani on the Dubai real estate scene has seen the number of luxury developments increase as visitors and residents are now given the chance to enjoy the highest class of accommodation possible in the desert state.


The success achieved by the DAMAC owner is impressive as Hussain Sajwani has been looking to develop luxury apartments and condos for less than two decades. One of the most impressive aspects of the life and career of Sajwani has been the close working relationship he has developed with U.S. President Donald Trump; Hussain Sajwani has praised the current U.S. President on many occasions for the success the use of the Trump name allows his own business to achieve which has been shown by the creation of two new golf course developments. Not only is Hussain Sajwani a respected business partner of Donald Trump, he also classes himself as a friend of the Trump clan and has attended parties given at the Florida resort now known as “The Winter White House“.


The success of the entire UAE nation and the city of Dubai are central to the development of the entire Arab region of the Middle East and Hussain Sajwani is determined to play a major role in this development. Recently, the creation of new technology programs and philanthropic campaigns have all benefited from the funds donated by Hussian Sajwani and the DAMAC Properties group. Learn more:

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