Josh Smith is a Reno-based serial entrepreneur and visionary. His expertise as a CEO is in the wellness technology field and he has a passion for making a positive impact on the community around him.  Josh also offers a very unique global perspective that shows his global expertise that others around him embrace.
Expert in Working Through Barriers

His expertise is in working through barriers in the residential greenhouse market. Smith’s idea allows ordinary people to have their own home greenhouses, which results in a work of art that is designed to allow people to grow several million pounds of organic produce.

Experience In Operations, Compliance, Manufacturing

Mr. Smith also has extensive experience in global operations, compliance, manufacturing, import, and export. He wants to give children around the world a fighting chance that brings greenhouses/gardens to K-12 schools.

Ideas Fueled Through Creativity

Josh Smith’s ideas are fueled by necessity, as he is astonished to see how many things don’t work correctly or according to plan. He is the type of individual who sees a possible solution in every single problem that he encounters.

Buries Himself In Work

Furthermore, Mr. Smith also buries himself in projects as an entrepreneur. This forces him to engage in things which make him more productive. The aim is to serve more than one purpose at once.

Enjoying the Journey as an Entrepreneur

Mr. Smith is a big believer in enjoying the journey. He also believes in not listening to others whom tell you that you can’t do something. Furthermore, he also believes in accepting the truth, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you.

He also enjoys taking time off once a month to go for a vigorous hike, eat organic food, get a massage, and soak at the hot springs.

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