Treasure the network you’re trying to be a part of with an integrated platform that allows your comments and others users alike to share their experience with Securus Technologies services and features. They continue to be a part of secure industry that puts the needs of their customers first. Their president, Rick Smith believes they can only function under the extinct of their customers feedback. They exercise a high level of customer service because of their patrons. They want their customers to share other popular features with their friends, family, and feedback forum. You can guarantee you’ll save more money than using the services of competitor networks.


Customer Referred Technology At Securus Technologies


Remote Visitation


Get the remote visit feature to visit the ones you love securely over the internet. It gives them the option of choosing an optimum picture with high def sound features.


Online Inmate Photos


You can also stop by to say hello to an inmate with facility approved photos. They allow you to send one or up to 5 photos at anytime online with the Securus photo feature.


You’re invited to join the exclusive Securus Technologies family and save with your inmate calling needs today.


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