There are numerous Forex trading platforms to choose from. What is Avatrade? Is it worth the risk of investment? What makes them stand out from the other platforms? With all the different Forex platforms available it’s easy to be sceptical before you gather information that can help make a proper decision. Like any investment it comes with risk. Savvy investors are successful because they gather as much information as possible before they make a trade. When gathering information on Avatrade review you find they have been established since the year 2006. That fact alone separates them from the fly-by-night programs promising automated trading and unbelievable returns. Avatrade’s minimum deposit amount is $100 which is 50% lower than the average trading platform. However for deposits of $200 they offer bonuses on top of your deposit.

One of the most valuable features that Avatar offers is their series of online courses and live webinars. Successful investors value information to execute their trades with efficiency and profit. With that said, education on the Forex market, trading tools and concepts can be the difference between profit and loss. A beginning investor or a seasoned trader can benefit from their tutorials and webinars. Avatrade is available in over 150 countries and boasts a choice of over 200 different trading instruments including CFD for stocks, Forex, commodities, indices and cryptocurrency. With their trading analysis providing videos and blogs on the latest market news it’s easy to stay up to date and informed about the market. Avatrade offers mobile trading and access to their platform putting the knowledge and power at your fingertips. With 24/5 support in 12 different languages, investors have an extra resource to go to for additional information and help. Avatrade doesn’t claim to be the holy grail of Forex and doesn’t promise automated returns. What they promise is transparency, informative tools, tutorials and support while guiding your through the world of Forex.

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