The Oxford Club has made it possible for readers to save big in stocks. These gains are achieved by buying stocks at largely discounted rates or being paid for trying. The strategy requires discipline, but readers only need to set up an options account. From having a regular stock trading account to broker approval, the process is approximately four steps. Equity needed to get started on the account is roughly $15,000 to $25,000.

On average, shares are purchased 20% to 50% lower than average price. So far, Oxford Club readers have not needed equity for share purchasing. Options strategists select the right companies, discounts, and probabilities for achieving the best odds. The Oxford Club’s is built upon a strong foundation.

Historical Roots of The Oxford Club

The Oxford Club originated in 1989 as the Passport Club but renamed in 1991. International investments began in the early ‘70s with The Merchants & Brokers Exchange in China. Its financial newsletter launched in the mid- ‘80s with 10,000 worldwide readers. The company’s first sponsored seminar appeared in 1993 at England’s Oxford University. Investment University, the first 12-unit course, launched in 2000. Record-breaking growth occurred in 2013 when Marc Lichtenfeld released The Oxford Income Letter. From beginning to present, the Oxford Club has much to offer.

Offering Market Advantage

The company is a global network comprised of successful entrepreneurs and investors. It specializes in beating market prices with unique techniques that have been time-tested. Areas of specialties include funds, equities, bonds, options, real estate and more. Members enjoy benefits like network connections, access to archived resources, and worldwide club gatherings. Also, there are yearly opportunities to advertise businesses and opportunities.

The Oxford Club is a rewarding opportunity for investors and entrepreneurs looking to expand their financial growth!

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