Not every kid who grows up with parents who are struggling with investment decisions gets an opportunity to make a difference. However, that was not Matt Badiali. After watching his father struggle with making sound investment choices, Matt decided to make a difference. He set a goal to craft practical investment advice that would appeal to and help the average American. That is what led this innovative man to found a company called Real Wealth Strategist.

Education Background

Before going into finance and investing, Matt Badiali started his career as a scientist. He boasts a B.S in earth sciences from Penn University and a Master of Science in Geology which he obtained from Florida Atlantic University. After getting his Masters degree, Matt attended the University of North Carolina where he was studying for his Ph.D. before a friend introduced him to what would lay the foundation for his career – finance.

Matt’s friend wanted him to assist in coming up with investing models for the average American investor. He figured that Matt’s impressive background in science and geology would be a great addition to his investment advice. Since then, Matt Badiali has focused on helping investors find viable opportunities, particularly in energy, natural resources, and metal.

Matt Badiali and the Real Wealth Strategist

In May 2017, Matt Badiali launched his newsletter, the Real Wealth Strategist. The newsletter is an advisory service that specializes in providing its subscribers with the necessary knowledge to invest in metals and natural resources with the highest potential. This includes and is not limited to oil and the gas industry, mining minerals, energy, precious metals, and others. In short, Matt Badiali aims at providing investment advice about any valuable that Mother Nature has to offer.

Investors who buy in receive the Real Wealth Strategist Model Portfolio which is a portfolio of every stock that is recommended in Matt’s “buy now” list. He offers detailed information on what to buy, its price, and when to sell for maximum returns. Investors also receive trade alerts, weekly updates on the progress of the stocks, and monthly briefings revolving the industry and stocks.

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Matt Badiali follows the “boots on the ground” strategy in his business. He believes in going all over the world to talk with experts and see things as they are on the ground before recommending stocks to his clients. As a result, he has toured various places across the world, including Turkey, Switzerland, Peru, New Guinea, Papua, Iraq, and Hong Kong where he has visited numerous mines and oil companies in a bid to get investment ideas that will bring value to his clients.


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