One of the golden rules for growth in business is to expand on a consistent basis. If the business stops expanding on a regular basis, it would be outdone by the competitors, and it would eventually lead to failure. Securus Technologies has been leading the corrections space for nearly four decades and now, and it has been doing so by ensuring that it continues to roll out advanced and useful technologies and services as well as expand horizontally and vertically in the correctional sphere.


It has helped Securus Technologies to enhance its market reputation as well as increase its revenue by a significant margin. Currently, Securus Technologies serves more than 1.2 million inmates, and the number has been growing steadily as the company plans to expand to other territories other than North America, where it is currently focused.


Securus Technologies has also been able to grow consistently because it focuses on acquisition as well for strategic expansion. One of the companies that Securus Technologies recently took over is GovPayNet, which has been the category leader for payment processing services for the government departments for nearly two decades. It caters to almost three million customers already and would help Securus Technologies in ensuring that it can better its position in the payment processing sector.


Securus Technologies says that with the acquisition of GovPayNet, both the companies would be able to benefit from the acquisition mutually. It would not only help in strengthening each other’s infrastructure but would also ensure that it can multiply the company‘s revenue by a considerable margin. With the acquisition of GovPayNet, Securus Technologies becomes the market leader when it comes to government based payment processing services. The customers of the company can pay for the tickets, penalties, taxes, parking fees, and other government-based fees through their phones itself.



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