The Jewish community will remember Daniel Taub, the former Israeli diplomat in the United Kingdom for many more years to come. Why is that so? Daniel Taub is one of the most selfless people who has served the Jewish nation with passion and commitment. He is a person who has shown other diplomats what it takes to serve a nation. Learn more about Daniel Taub: and

Accomplishments is a must. As a diplomat, Daniel Taub seems to have known all this very well. That is why his term which lasted for four years left a legacy of good work. His commitment to work was like no other diplomat before him. He accomplished big things for Israel.

Daniel Taub is originally from the United Kingdom. This is where he was born and grew up. He went to school in the United Kingdom and partly in the United States before moving to Israel to serve in the government.

As it is the norm in the country for every young person, he had to serve in the Israeli Defense Forces before he could be posted for further duties. At some point, he even was the speechwriter for the president then. Read more: Daniel Taub | Ideamench and Daniel Taub | Wikipedia

Daniel helped Israel make gains from its relationship with the United Kingdom. There were areas that the two countries stood a chance to gain from each other. Trade specifically was one area that meant a lot to the two. Economic development is at the center of any bilateral agreements. It is what a country can gain from the other that determines that nature of relations they will have.

Daniel Taub, new that Israel and the United Kingdom could share a lot in trade. This is one area where he put a lot of emphases. At the end of his term, there was something to show off about. The two countries had managed to make double the trade between them. By 2015, the two were trading over $7 billion worth of goods and services.

While Daniel Taub was serving in the United Kingdom, there was a ban that was declared by the M.P for Bradford, George Galloway. George Galloway had declared that Bradford was a no-go zone for anyone or anything that was from Israeli.

This action by the M.P led to a fierce rebellion from Daniel Taub. He made sure that the ban was condemned. He even traveled to the area in a show of defiance. Daniel Taub described the move by the M.P as primitive and one that was made in bad faith.

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