The intentional decisions made for design can improve health care for the ill. Most people are unaware of the connection between health and design. Robert Ivy is well aware of the importance of a healing environment. He is the American Institute of Architects Chief Executive Officer. His initiatives in education, public outreach and advocacy have helped strengthen the institute. He helps the members serve their communities and clients during a time of change and challenges.
There are numerous considerations that affect the health of the public. This includes social constraints, heredity and diet. Many individuals will argue the concept of public health being affected by design is a simplistic approach. The role of the physical environment is critical and often overlooked. Professional planners and designers have the ability to encourage the public to avoid toxic materials or lead an active lifestyle with the use of their designs. Robert Ivy has expertise regarding heightening the awareness of the public through the relevance of architecture.

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Statistics in California show the number of kids riding their bikes or walking to school in 2000 is only 13 percent. The figure in 1974 was 66 percent. A lot of students no longer walk or bike to school due to the dangers of traffic or the distance involved. This may have contributed to the increase in obesity in children. Architects like Robert Ivy believe architecture can help change this trend. Architects were informally deputized as health care professionals by the United States Surgeon General Boris Lushniak. He said the influence of planners and architects on the public health in America is just now being grasped.
During the last decade the connection between a sustainable place and a healthy place has become accepted. The optimal building will promote well being, human health and minimize the ecological footprint. The idea that architecture can make an important difference regarding mental and physical well being was introduced in February by Robert Ivy. He believes the choice regarding the building materials and design significantly impact the health of the public.
Robert Ivy has been leading the American Institute of Architects since 2011. He realizes architecture must be relevant to the 21st century. He is making certain the AIA is responsive, proactive and influential. He has streamlined the institute, built a new infrastructure around technology, improved decision making and launched a campaign for public awareness. His focus is on ensuring architects are prepared for addressing the impact of design on sustainability, climate change and public health.
Prior to his work with the AIA, Robert Ivy served the Architectural Record magazine. Due to his editorial leadership the magazine earned several honors in the publishing industry. This included awards for general excellence, premier journalism and unusual achievements.

The American Institute of Architects leading professional association for architects in the United States. The organization aims at educating, advocating and maintaining a good public image. With the headquarters in Washington D.C, AIA is working hard to advance the architect profession.

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