According to the report from the Press of Atlantic City, there is a brand new rental project that is expected to open next summer in Atlantic City, by Boraie Development LLC, which includes 250 units, being the first market-rate development in the last 25 years for the city. After Atlantic City having a 10-year decrease in the city’s growth, just the thought of this project, are having people feel optimistic for things to come, after experiencing so many casinos deciding to move to new states, which had a major in impact on the city’s revenue. At Boraie Development LLC, they offer a wide-range of services concerning the urban real estate market, with a team who specializes in developing real estate, and property management and sales, along with marketing.

According to Rutgers, they have been fortunate enough to work with most stable financial institutions, contractors, and architects who also understands the importance of making sure projects that they work on together, will be completed on time, as they expect them to. There overall strategy is managing all their properties, while gaining insight on how to utilize key residential factors that assist with the development all of their spectacular projects. In New Jersey, Boraie Development LLC has become one of the top sought after developers, with an outstanding track record in its 30 year span. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

The Vice President at Boraie Development LLC, Omar Boraie mentions to the Press of Atlantic City, that the “new generation knows what they want” and what he wants to do is provide a housing stock that is modernized, with new resident lounges, gyms, and pools. This is a reason why the residents of Atlantic City are looking forward of having the possibility for the project taking place, when you take into account their 61% of their housing stock is over 40 years old. So a positive change like this one will give Atlantic City a whole new spark!

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