Near the turn of the century, Dick Devos was one of the most influential businessmen in the Michigan area. He lived in Grand Rapids and was also a great influence in his community. Dick Devos’ influence took a major turn for the better when he fought against an arena being built in the downtown area of Grand Rapids. The arena was going to be used for professional sports teams and the like.


Dick Devos called everyone lawmaker he knew and he delivered unbelievable speeches to the community. These speeches entailed proof of a happy present but a future of disaster. Devos displayed charts outlining the time period in the early 80s when the Pistons and the Lions left Detroit. Detroit was immediately brought to poverty, and the state of Michigan could not do much to help that city.


Lawmakers and the Public listened to Dick Devos. As a result, Devos used his own money to build a conference center, a food market, and a medical school in downtown Grand Rapids. Today, the Grand Rapids is one of the most booming and influential cities in Michigan. Devos gives most of his credit to his wife, Betsy. It was Betsy who continued to annoy Dick to contact lawmakers and make noise in the public regarding the hindering of a sports complex being built in Grand Rapids.


After receiving a wonderful and extensive education and graduating at the top of his class, Dick Devos went on to manage the Orlando Magic basketball team. Though Devos did not know much about basketball, he knew a whole lot about money and marketing. Devos hired energetic players with public appeal. He also created interesting ways to sell tickets and attract people to basketball.


After finding great success as an NBA team manager, Dick Devos wanted more of a challenge. Devos then became the president of Amway, which is a company specializing in health products. When Devos became the manager, Amway’s customers were solely in the United States. In just under two years, Amway was selling products in every country in the world. When Devos decided to leave Amway and start a new journey, Amway’s annual income was almost 10 billion dollars a year.


Dick Devos is now the president of Windquest Group. Windquest Group is a company that sells healthy foods and programs to help the human body evolve and perform efficiently. Devos has no plans on leaving Windquest Group. He feels he has found his purpose in life as president of this organization.


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