Daniel Taub is an Israeli diplomat who has been able to make a great deal of changes since beginning his post in the United Kingdom. Taub was at one point a national citizen of the United Kingdom, but has since moved to Israel with his family and has transitioned his citizenship status to the Jewish nation. Daniel Taub and his family originally moved to Israel in the 1980’s after a vacation to Jerusalem.

After the move, Taub joined the Israeli defense force as a combat medic before becoming involved in international relations. His career change was rightly justified, as was proven when he was able to negotiate a trade deal with the Uk that allowed international trade to increase by over double what it was in the past.

While this has created untold years of future success for both Israel and the UK, there are other parts of the world that need a lot more grooming than Western European ones.

The state of Iran is an Islamic nation that has wanted to rid the world of the Israelis for as long as Israel has been its own country.

Shortly after World War II, Israel became its own Middle Eastern country. They were able to grow fairly well independently but were then attacked by a combined force of nearly every Muslim nation neighboring them.  Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | Crunchbase

This conflict would be later known as the DSix-Day War, and even though Israel was hopelessly outnumbered they still managed to be the victors. The Islamic forces were driven back and there has not been a single similar issue ion the Middle ZEast since, although Iran would like to change that.

With a conventional war not working well in the past Iran has decided to invest time and money into the developing their country into a nuclear power. The world as a whole sees this move as a bad idea, considering Iran has said during news broadcasts that they intended on using nuclear weapons they create to decimate and destroy Israel.

Daniel Taub has made it his personal mission to talk down Iran from their nuclear dreams, and if that is not possible, then negotiate with other world leaders in order to make moves to place as many obstacles in Iran’s path as possible.

Talks with the United Nations has not produced anything as of yet, but Taub will find a way to make positive change.

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