We end up doing a lot of things in our life because of our passions, and we will never stop until we achieve the aims we set. In the case of Bradesco’s new business management, its drive to adapt to the new world and make sure that it leads in the competition is to always hire the best man for the job.

Now that its CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi will no longer be Bradesco’s main man, there will be a lot of challenges in the bank that will hopefully end up profitable for the company in the long run. Luiz Carlos will be the new chairman of the bank. He is renowned bank executive in Brazil.

The Succession of Bradesco’s New Management

With the new management set for Bradesco, things are going to be a lot more challenging for Brazil’s second-largest bank. These new changes will soon be happening next month, as the previous estimate would be in the first few months of 2018 that the replacement for Mr. Cappi would happen. The new management or leadership should happen after the next shareholders meeting. Even so, there will still be a lot of changes in the decision of who it is going to be the final successor to Trabuco’s previous position. Since most of these shareholders will not be able to finally decide which of the candidates could best carry the vision of Bradesco, we can expect that the new management will not be that easy to come through.

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Consequently, the new CEO of Bradesco will also mean that there will be a new set of rules and policies in how the bank is going to run its operations. Right now, the latest of these new policies have to do with the fact that there’s now a new age limit for the executives working for the bank. Another new set of changes for the bank have to do with the Fintechs or the start-ups that attempt to solve the different problems in the management. New investors are coming in for Bradesco, and the challenge here of the new bank head would be to able to accommodate them without losing the values of the bank.

Also, one of the few candidates that have a strong capacity to head Bradesco is the current investor relations officer today, Alexandre Gluher. He’s the man responsible for risk management and in making sure that the risks that Bradesco enters are not that big that they won’t be able to handle them. He is right now one of the strong candidates, but there are still more executives in line that would also bring the values of the company to its highest potential.

Modernity of Banks

The world right now is getting more centralized. There are new changes in how the markets are operating, but the principles are still there. As they say, laws and policies come and go, but ethics stays. With that, it’s easy to acknowledge that the new ethical policies of Bradesco would have to be in line with the good old traditions of the bank. They would have to be modernized, of course, but having the new CEO of Bradesco doesn’t mean that all the established policies of the bank will no longer be applicable to its operations.

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