In the music industry, no task is as challenging as managing a world tour or concert. So when an entertainer or performer manages to nail a successful show or better yet a tour, the audience will be satisfied. Apart from that, there is always the quest to attend more of the entertainer’s concerts. Amidst these events, there can be dreaded delays or accidents that may occur on stage. But one Clay Hutson has always managed to deliver a successful music tour to his fanatics. That is why the celebration of his career has come in handy from different parts of the music industry.


Background Data


Well known for orchestrating stage management and live sound engineering, Mr. Hutson has worked in the industry of entertainment for decades. That describes why he has been able to manage over ten tours by closely working with celebrities.


Bleed Like Me Tour


One of the tours he is well remembered for managing is the Bleed Like Me tour in 2005 by Garbage. With Clay Hutson in charge, the band was able to travel to Europe, Australia as well as North America. Mr. Clay Hutson ensured that the sound and stage were in a perfect state.


Honda Civic Tour


In 2017, Clay Hutson was trusted with the management of One Republic’s tour dubbed Honda Civic. With his input in managing the sound and stage, the group was able to travel across North America as well as Asia.


His Contribution


Following his tremendous success in the music world, Mr. Hutson owns a company that deals in services that musicians would find necessary. It is because he studied audio engineering and theatre design that he delved into the music industry. From there, he garnered extensive skills in live sound engineering and started working for companies in the music industry. A brief look into his past career story and contribution to the industry, Clay Hutson made an enthusiastic project manager. He then understood all the ropes involved in music, stage and sound management.


Overview and Personal Profile


Clay Hutson developed the passion for music at a tender age. He never lost track at any point in his life. That is perhaps why he became a live sound engineer in the first place. In his career, he registered excellent performance to the point of working with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Garbage in addition to Pink. As most people can tell, these are prominent music celebrities whose stories draw attention to Hollywood’s finest.  Learn more:


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