Publishing company Banyan Hill has recently hired a new cryptocurrency expert Ian King. Ian King has started his own firm to advise cryptocurrency speculators and has plans to launch a cryptocurrency training service in the near future. He has over 20 years of experience in the industry of finance and has been part of numerous bubbles in the past most famously the Dotcom bubble.

Ian King states that the markets typically humble individuals who are too confident. This has shaped his approach towards the new class of digital assets known as capital currencies. He first became interested in these digital assets in 2012 after the end of the financial crisis when the federal government lowered interest rates to zero. The new class of digital assets eliminates the ability for a central authority to control the supply of money. The decentralization of this technology has incredible ramifications of the world finance. Cryptocurrencies represent a fundamental change in the way value is transferred. Read This Page to learn more. See This Page for more info.

Ian King Banyan has described cryptocurrencies as the most significant and most significant development in technology since the advent of the Internet which allowed the easy dissemination of information around the world. The volatility of cryptocurrency markets is a trader’s paradise. This stands in stark contrast to the stock market’s which are incredibly nonvolatile. Cryptocurrencies represent a way that investors can gain access to early-stage investments without being a member of the financial elite. This allows anyone to become a venture capitalist. Institutional money from Wall Street and traditional investment sources have still yet to fully penetrate cryptocurrency markets. This means that there is still significant room for growth in the industry.

Currently, there are fewer than 1 million wallets that hold greater than $10,000 worth of Bitcoin across the world. This means that this class of digital assets is heavily under-invested. Not to mention that a new wave of financial products is in the works such as futures, options, and exchange-traded funds. Ian King has compared Bitcoin to AOL during the buildup of the Internet bubble. What AOL did to investment in Internet infrastructure Bitcoin is doing to invest in cryptocurrencies. There will be other crypto assets that are equivalent to Amazon and Google that have yet to be seen. However, there were also be crypto assets which are total flops. The whole point of Ian King’s new cryptocurrency advisory column is to help individuals discern which investments to choose from.

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