Paul Mampilly is a leading investor who possesses the adequate knowledge needed to invest wisely in the stock markets. Paul Mampilly has been in this industry long enough to know all the pro and cons of the industry. He has worked for almost three decades now in the industry. He has witnessed many companies come and go while some have been initiated and performed so well to date. Paul Mampilly has learned so much from trading these stocks that he can tell when the markets are performing well and when they are not. He can pick a stock that will shoot in the next few months and can tell a stock that is no longer going to perform. He has mastered the industry and can navigate it with ease.

From his experience in the stock markets, he can tell a fake investment signal from a credible one. One of the stocks he was able to pick out as being fake were the technology stocks of 1999. He was able to tell in advance that the increase in prices that was being witnessed was not legit. While many people ran to invest in these stocks, Paul Mampilly was selling off his investment in the same companies. He had feared that the technology stocks were just a bubble that would later explode. The prices were going up rapidly, and nothing was supporting the growth.

Paul Mampilly detected that there was something wrong with the stock and that those who were investing in it would ultimately lose. He tried to advise his friends to keep away from it, but they did not listen. Most of them thought that he was asking them to sell their stocks because they had sold his shares earlier. They continued enjoying the prices increases for some time. When the bubble had drawn enough people, the prices started coming down. Many thought it was just a correction pattern forming before the prices went up again. Unfortunately, the prices never went up. They kept on going lower and lower. Many investors had entered late, and it did not take long for them to be in losses.

Paul Mampilly managed to get out of the technology stocks unscathed as many other investors including his friends who did not listen to him lost all their capital. According to Paul Mampilly, the same thing is going to happen to Bitcoin investors. The huge prices will lure them, and they will not notice as they lose their investment.

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