Jeff Yastine is the Editor of a publication entitled “Total Wealth Insider” from Banyan Hill Publishing. Joining the company in 2015, Yastine took on the task of Editorial Director. He brought to the table more than 20 years of expertise as a financial journalist and stock market investor. He is also a contributor to Sovereign Hill Daily and Winning Investor Daily, another Banyan Hill publication. The publications help investors understand monetary, economic and business trends while highlighting opportunities to create wealth. Yastine attended the University of Florida with a telecommunications degree. He focus on electronic journalism has earned him the respect of his colleagues and acquaintances in the financial industry. Visit the website to learn more.

When it comes to cyber security, according to Jeff Yastine, that is where the money is. In college, his professors told students to always follow the money. Because of what is happening in the world of cyber business, security concerns are at an all time high. Investors are heavily investing in companies offering such help at a record breaking clip. With breaches in the cyber related industry, value in cyber security related stocks will continue to soar. The bottom line is there are tremendous investment opportunities for anyone ready and willing to take the plunge.

Mr. Yastine typically writes about the world of investing and where to find the best opportunities. His areas of expertise are economics, finance and business. He searches for news about the stock market and spends a great deal of time analyzing what he finds in order to produce a compelling article to help his readers understand the topic at hand. His written word and expertise has earned him a loyal following. He also worked on the PBS Nightly Business Report as a Senior Correspondent. He also oversaw the financial newsletter production at NewsMax Media.

His expertise has helped investors make smart decisions. He offered financial predictions before other financial experts and this gives him an edge over the others and a loyal following who are always interested in his opinion. Jeff Yastine has taken the opportunity to talk with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and financiers in the industry. He heard their success stories as well as those of not so successful. He won an Emmy Award nomination in 2007 for his financial and business reporting. He contributed to a special report “The NBR Guide to Buying Bonds, as well as an investigation into the inadequate infrastructure in this country. Learn:


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