You’ve probably never heard the story of the two spry business-owners who united their viewpoints and sprung from retirement to rescue the world from the damages of old age and the primary causes behind them. While it’s not quite that dramatic, Jeunesse did come about to provide an alternative to off-the-shelf supplements for those who are looking to enhance their well-being in a day and age where the human body is inundated in hazards of every sort. Everything from our sedentary lifestyles, constant exposure to free radicals and poor dietary habits is ruining what our bodies have given us, and the founders of Jeunesse wanted to put a stop to it.

When the company was formed on September 9, 2009, Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis hoped that their Youth Enhancement System would do the trick. Years of research and development had been invested into the system in an effort to target each compartmentalized area of the human biology that was primarily affected by some form of age-related breakdown, and the idea was that by administering certain crucial nutrients in specific ways, the body would absorb them and capitalize on its self-correcting processes to undo the damage. The system must have worked wonderfully because the Jeunesse Family is a living testament to Randy and Wendy’s vision and understanding of the human biology.

The Tenets of the Youth Enhancement System

This system, which is fully proprietary in form, was designed to target several specific areas of your well-being with deliberate and delicately chosen resources for the body to heal itself with. Each product line brings one of many benefits, including:

  1. Skin Health

Short- and long-term skin solutions bring back your skin’s smoothness, texture and glow to get you feeling young once more.

  1. Energy, Focus and Fitness

Several products introduce brain-enhancing proteins, mood-lifting blends and energy-boosting formulas that whip you into shape and keep you pushing throughout the day.

  1. Well-Being and Immunity

Bulking up your immune functions and cellular stability with superfood blends helps to reverse your current ailments and prevent new ones from arising.

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