Igor Cornelsen is from Curitiba, Brazil. He went to school at Parana’s Federal University in 1965. Parana’s Federal University was the sole engineering university at that time within the Parana and Santa Catarina region. Since it is the only engineering school within the said area, the admission for entry was quite difficult, but Igor was able to make it.

After taking up engineering subjects for about two years, Igor decided to take Economics instead within the same university where he graduated in 1970. Subsequent to that, he applied for a job at an investment bank. It was a common occurrence for individuals who have engineering backgrounds to be employed with banks then since they have an exceptional skill to compute compounded rates of interests using the sliding rules. The said skill was quite valuable during those times because computers and calculators were not commonly utilized then. See more of Igor Cornelsen at about.me

Igor was able to establish a good reputation for him in his area of work that led him to Rio de Janeiro where he found employment in the investment banking industry. Once again his proficiency in the field he is in took him apart from his peers, which is why he was given a promotion in 1974 to be one of the Board of Directors for Multibanco, then he was appointed as the CEO after two years.

While he was a CEO of Multibanco, the Bank of America procured the former in 1978 compelling Igor to move on to other ventures. The first opportunity that came after Multibanco came in the form of Unibanco, one of the leading financial banks in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen served with Unibanco till 1985 when the inflation rates were the peaks. Subsequent to his employment at Unibanco, he made his way to a London Merchant Bank named Libra Bank PLC.

The turning point of Igor’s career took place when he was at Libra Bank because it was his first time to get paid in U.S. dollars that gave him the opportunity to make investments. After successfully maintaining his investment ventures, Igor Cornelsen together with his associates from the London Merchant Bank entered Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and became a representative for Brazil as well as a board of director member. And in 1995 he left to establish his own investment company. More info here: https://angel.co/igorcornelsen1



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