Rocketship education is a nonprofit program created to assist students from low-income neighborhoods. In a majority of low-income communities, there are very few schools that provide quality education and an environment that will foster learning among the students. The program sought to address this need by creating a network of elementary schools that serve the low-income community. Rocketship Education provides children from low-income communities an opportunity to learn in a well-structured school.

The program was founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner with the intention of bridging the achievement gap in the current society. Rocketship program has snowballed. The program opens up two to three schools each year in different regions. The growth of the program has been because of the high performance of the students in the schools developed by the program. The community has also embraced the program, and more people are welcoming the idea of having one of these schools in their community.

The program uses innovative models that are blended with the traditional instructional methods to address the specific needs of the students. The instructional model of the program emphasizes the role of the tutor in providing personalized training with a lot of tests, which will ensure that all students attain their learning goals by continuous evaluation and training. Apart from personalized teaching, the model also requires the school to have computerized learning. Computerization of the studies is meant to make the learning process easier and fun.

Rocketship education places a lot of importance on parent and community involvement. Consequently, there are a lot of activities held to empower the teachers, parents and the community, in general, to assist students to learn. These activities teach the community as a whole how they can create a conducive environment for learning and support schools in training the students.

Rocketship initiative has successfully managed to provide children from low-income communities an opportunity to learn and excel in their studies. The contribution of the program will influence the community in a positive light.

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