In case of a fall, an individual will involve the assistance of a partner to rise up again. Authors are equally in a unanimous opinion that unity comes with power, strength, and victory. Drawing from numerous stories, it is right to deduce that two are better off than one. This analogy seems to have appealed to business people than the rest of the world. The merger between Eucatex and Duratex will be a relevant example to demonstrate how business partnerships are a bridge to cross over to success. Learn more about Flavio Maluf at InfoMoney

Details on the acquisition

Flavio Maluf, the president of Eucatex issued a notice about the acquisition to expand the productive capacity to match their growing customers’ demands. While he was at their plant at Botucatu President Maluf shared the details of the good news of a merger between Eucatex and Duratex. The acquisition will expand the fiberboard production capacity by 70%, 40% for paper printing, and 30% of the paint capacity. The deal is awaiting approval CADE- a regulatory body with a final decision over the transaction. However, with Flavio Marluf at the helm, no doubt the deal is a sure gain. With wisdom bestowed upon this effluent leadership the combination is set to mushroom the two companies.

Other business insights from Maluf

Flavio, due to his intuitive understanding of the business domain, unleashed amazing tips that are ideal for entrepreneurial productivity. To begin with, an entrepreneur is not supposed to indulge in unfruitful conversation as their chats are to be kept short within snack break. Secondly, minimize the use of cell phone irrespective. Additionally, maintain your focus in professional practice by setting your goals each day. Finally, as an entrepreneur, coin new ideas that have never been fathomed by anyone in your business.


Flavio Maluf, further in his wisdom emphasizes that entrepreneurship is not about working less and earning more. On the contrary, an entrepreneur is to take charge of the business as a fraternity. Generally, entrepreneurship entails creativity and intuition. Mergers are helpful not only for companies but to the community in creating new opportunities.

From the insights of Flavio Maluf and the merger therein, it is right to deduce that the business will help both partners to excel in numerous ways including increasing their production capacities.



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