In January 2013, Paul Mampilly founded Capuchin Consulting where he helps investors with his in-depth research into investing opportunities. He also became a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 where he helps Main Street investors with his insights into investing opportunities. Investors will be able to hear him live at this year’s Total Wealth Symposium where he will address a number of important issues. This symposium is held each year and reportedly the people who attended last years event have earned more than 1665% in market returns. Read more articles by Paul Mampilly at Banyan Hill. Along with Jeff Yastine, another member of the team at Banyan Hill Publishing, he spent some time last year addressing cryptosecurity. Paul Mampilly expects to do so again this year as cryptocurrencies have become even bigger topics than they were last year. There are a lot of concerns in regards to cryptocurrency such as how to safely store the contents of a digital wallet in order to keep the bad guys away from it. There have also been a number of hacks on cryptocurrency websites and corporate websites which they will spend time on stage discussing. They will also talk about how corporations have shifted their security strategies to detecting and shutting down hacking attempts rather than the futile task of preventing intrusions into their systems.

Paul Mampilly started out as an assistant portfolio manager. He eventually worked his way up and started managing multimillion dollar accounts for companies such as ING and Deutsche Bank. Some of his clients were the Royal Bank of Scotland and the retailer Sears. He learned how to spot trends and which companies would benefit from them in multiple sectors of the economy. He says he got tired of both the pace of working for these firms and using his knowledge to help people who were already incredibly wealthy just get even more. He decided to retire from managing hedge funds and instead give regular investors the information they need to attain their financial goals.

He now edits Profits Unlimited. In the past two years he has garnered more than 90,000 subscribers of this monthly newsletter. Each edition is 8 pages in length and it goes into detail about one particular company and why Paul Mampilly thinks it is a great investment opportunity. He also includes a “model portfolio” in each edition which is comprised of the former stocks he has suggested to his readers to get their money in to.

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