Have you been searching for Sussex Healthcare jobs? This UK-based care and support home is looking for more talent. Sussex Healthcare is focused on providing the very best in quality care by starting with a great staff in all departments throughout the organization. Sussex consistently invests into their employees and is committed to helping each of them reach their full potential. The investment made in education and training for all employees is just one of the biggest investments that Sussex Healthcare makes.

One of the biggest changes that has some to Sussex Healthcare this year is a new CEO. Amanda Morgan-Taylor is now the head of this healthcare team, taking great care in getting to know the company and how it operates prior to accepting her new role here. It was through this process of early learning that Ms. Morgan-Taylor wanted to get a jump on the work that was ahead of her. As a result, her ability to execute what she learned prior to coming on board has made a tremendous difference.

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Because Sussex Healthcare has always been dedicated to the highest quality care, her first move was to collaborate with the senior management team. It was through this move that she is able to appoint a new Director of Quality, while attending to improving quality and service as well. Her vast experience in health and social care have given her the much needed edge to come in and bring the company up to speed one department at a time. It was in the early 80’s that she first became a nurse in mental health, exposing her to the importance of genuine and attentive care.

Today, her experience carries over into her role as the CEO of Sussex Healthcare as new job opportunities are created for the company. Ms. Morgan-Taylor has worked as a Managing Director and Service Manager and Quality Development Director. All of these positions along with working directly with patients has aided in preparing her for anything the healthcare industry can throw her way.

Today, Sussex Healthcare has more than 19 facilities with numerous openings at each location. Those who have experience in social care and direct healthcare are encouraged to review the listing of Sussex Healthcare jobs to see if there is a position available to match their skills.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: https://gazetteday.com/2017/11/sussex-healthcare-helps-patients-feel-at-home/

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