Bumble is an online dating app that provides a lot more than a chance to find love. This site was created by a woman named Whitney Wolfe. She used to be a member of another dating site called Tinder. When she was at Tinder, Wolfe endured some bad situations. She was marginalized because of her gender. The young CEO was also sexually harassed while on the job. Mrs. Wolfe was fed up. She ended up taking Tinder to court and won a settlement.

Whitney could have taken her settlement money and retired from the world of online dating. However, she did not want to stop working. Whitney had the idea to create a social network that would have been exclusively for women. She was going to call this site Merci. The site did not happen. Instead, Whitney Wolfe was persuaded to start Bumble, a dating site with a feminist slant.

The feminist movement is growing stronger in today’s society. Bumble is a product of this era. Whitney Wolfe wanted a site that would cater exclusively to females, though men could use it too. Bumble has been designed for women first. If a guy tries to approach a female and use his best lines to pick her up; it won’t work on Bumble.

Females get to make the first move on the site. They decide which guy they will talk to. The most a guy can do is show a female profile user is that he is interested. After that, it is up to the female user to take the lead. Wolfe also designed it that way so that women do not feel used or less than human by some guy going overboard with trying to pick her up.

The site also has other benefits for females. A female can actually use Bumble as a social network for her peers. There is a BFF feature on Bumble which allows females to contact each other for the purpose of developing friendships and supporting each other.

Bumble is also endorsed as a company that supports female causes. They support the #MeTooMovement and the organization also stands for gender and equality rights. Bumble has a net worth that is nearly $1 billion dollars and it has nearly 30 million users. Whitney Wolfe is proud of her company. She wants it to be a beacon of hope for feminism in modern times.

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