This interview follows the release of closer one of the most anticipated tracks from the chairnsmokers. This band seems to be settling for no less than becoming recognition artist based on restless ambition. After conducting the interview, this is what unfolded.


Mathias Rosenzweig: How Did Two Of You Start Working Together?


Alex Pall


I grew up as a DJ it was my hobby. I used to deejay around New York as my side hustle, but I was very passionate about it. Although it saw a bit scary to pursue something that was more of fun than a job, I suddenly found myself in the art gallery the sooner I learned that music and dance were consuming my life. Thus, I decided to give it a clear shot. The manager that I used to work with who is still working with us introduced me to Drew. After meeting, we immediately started working together. Drew had to relocate from Maine while I had to quit my job and that is where it all began.


Andrew Taggart


Before I meet Alex, I was in a college, but I had a particular interest in DJing. I also loved electronic music way before many people learned about it. In college, my colleagues used to make fun of me for wearing V-necks and listening to dance music. As I left, everyone could gather to see Avicii. I used to compose music and produce it. As the booking for the DJs gained momentum around New York, I realized that my opportunities were opening up.


How did you know it would work out after meeting each other?


PALL: When we first meet, we both knew what we wanted. Therefore, when we talked, it was more about music and what we intended to develop. Furthermore, we were very observant on what as unfolding around us, as well as what was not working. We later learned that to keep afloat and remain interesting in the industry trying new experiences was vital.


What was it like working with Halsey?


PALL: Halsey is an incredible woman. If you inquired from us about the artist that we dreamt of working with last year, Halsey topped the list. Bespoken, she has a great voice, she is so real, and this makes her a great artist to work with. Working with her was one of the most significant steps in the right direction.

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