The Lori Senecal branding effect is powerful. Companies benefit from this in great ways. From her time at KBS to her time at CP+B, Lori has proven herself to be a branding expert that is able to connect the dots to how to build better advertisements. Lori Senecal has even won awards like the Quantum Leap award for her leadership skills. She is the innovator that has become so creative that she was called one of the most creative people in business.


This is a big accomplishment for a woman in the business world. There are tons of women that are trying to get to the position that Lori Senecal is in. She is an executive that has managed to gain the title of marketing genius. There are more women that are interested in marketing because they have heard Senecal speak. She has grown into a powerful executive that, at one time, was over multiple offices in America and outside of America. Her marketing expertise has given her the ability to interact with famous clients like Hershey’s and Kraft. She has been able to employ as many as 900 people under her leadership, and that has led to a plethora of accolades.


In the early stages of her career she was the co-founder of TAG Ideation in New York. She would lead to other positions with McCann Erickson where Lori would show her skills as a leader of innovation. Her role as the Global Officer of Innovation would come with McCann Worldgroup. As time progressed she would become a Global CEO for CP+B and that is the company that she would help build.


Lori Senecal has become such a big part of CP+B, and now she is leaving. The marketing concepts that Lori has created made her one of the most influential people in the business world. She boosted revenue, according to Fast Company, up to 21 percent. This was done within the course of 3 years. She is exiting now, and it will be easy for her to find something else largely because every company needs marketing. This is what Lori Senecal has been able to profit from the type of work that she has done, and her resume gives her time to make even more. Her skills are always needed in the business world. That is one of the reasons why she continues to make headlines in the marketing arena. Check out their website




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