Managed Health Care is a delivery system created to manage health care costs, quality, in addition to utilization. Usually, Medicaid managed health care caters for the delivery of health benefits inclusive of contracted services through major organized arrangements between agencies, and healthcare firms that have accepted an amount of monthly payment for the stated services. With that in mind, InnovaCare Health is one managed health care organization founded to cater for patients who need affordable healthcare plans.


InnovaCare Health


For more than 20 years, InnovaCare Health has been building a strong healthcare foundation based on its experience, and the expertise to deliver top-notch results to its patients. Today, the company boasts of its leadership team that consists of competent experts who have proven knowledge, and expertise to effectively surpass the ever-plummeting demands of health care in the industry.


Penelope’s Leadership


The success of InnovaCare is attributed to its leaders with Penelope Kokkinides, the chief administrative officer being the most influential one. Under her leadership, the company has become one of the most dedicated service providers for managed healthcare in Puerto Rico. Moreover, with her guidance, the organization has adapted to revolutionary health care objectives that provide top-notch services at friendly costs. As one of the leaders who control the operations of the firm, Penelope Kokkinides has streamlined the firm’s operations to fit into the needs of the patients.


Work Experience


Besides, she has vast experience in managed health care as in the past she worked with different healthcare organizations in the administration of Medicaid plans. For instance, she was employed by Centerlight HealthCare. There, she oversaw the firm’s overall management, alongside the strategic direction. From there, she worked at Touchstone Health and served as the chief operating officer. Her roles and duties included managing the healthcare systems to fit into patient’s budgets. Because she was visionary, Kokkinides moved to AmeriChoice, a primary healthcare unit affiliated to UnitedHealth Group. While there, her roles included developing the firm’s healthcare model.


The Meeting


Joining InnovaCare Health has been a life-changing situation not only for Penelope but also her patients. Kokkinides, who has an impressive academic background from different institutions including the New York University and Columbia University School of Public Health, has been fighting for healthcare reforms since she became part of this health care family. For instance, recently, she joined eight women in a health care workshop that was held in discussing the rising healthcare costs in Puerto Rico. Addressing President Donald Trump, who was the brain behind the meeting, Kokkinides requested the government to look into the issue of rising healthcare costs because it contributes to the collapsing system thereby rendering most families helpless. Perhaps the meeting will influence the state’s involvement in implementing affordable healthcare systems in Puerto Rico.


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