Reasons for Expecting New Crypto Growth

In many ways, Ian King sees the present cryptocurrency market as an “underinvested bubble.” On the one hand there is plenty of vibe and buzz about bitcoin; on the other hand, there is less ownership than buzz. Lastly, those who own it or speak frequently about bitcoin are less likely to understand it. The number of bitcoin wallets has grown from 2015-2018 from 4M-24M and is about 600% growth in three years. Also, the number of bitcoin currencies has grown exponentially from 3 to 1625. Ian King also brings to the attention investors that bitcoin has also spun-off many other financial products as future options, and ETFs. This enthusiasm may be categorized as phenomenal and in other words “build it and people will come;” or “The herd is coming,” according to Mike Novogratz. Visit to know more.

Is Bitcoin the Center of Everyone’s Attention

Bitcoin may be seen as the economic yeast that has created generational wealth for longtime investors. Ian King gives the warrant that bitcoin is responsible for the “growing ecosphere” where many crypto companies are augers for solidifying recent generations of wealth but are also preparing the atmosphere in which new generation of wealth will spring up.

Bitcoin as the Technology

Bitcoin is at the center of this new growth, but there is also the streams of companies that have followed that are this wave of new technology a solid investment for future users. King compares Bitcoin to AOL in the 90s. While AOL was the vehicle that drove people to the internet it was the rise of services like Amazon, Apple, Netscape, and Microsoft, which made the internet a convenient tool for most people and likewise they harnessed a huge profit for their companies and investors. Ian King sees an interconnectedness between the new technology like Bitcoin and the ecosystem of new companies that support its growth.

Ian King

Ian is a senior editor for Crypto Profit Investor, an expert publication by Banyan Publishing, keeping investors money safe, but also helping them steer the new world of cryptocurrency. He feels his job is to point out to investors the best opportunities for investors.


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