Aneesh Chopra is the new chief executive of NavHealth. Before Barack Obama appointed him he worked as the chief technology officer and he was the first person to hold this position in the United States. Chopra started initiatives to create room for innovation in the healthcare industry like the Open Data, Argonaut Project, and Startup America.

Aneesh Chopra is looking forward for days where record firms will not manipulate health-related data. The details will in return be accessible to users to uphold its value. The regulatory trends and changing culture has made the sector attractive and open to potential investors and innovators.

Reports about CVS Pharmacy and Amazon have brought the healthcare industry into the headlines. One of the reports highlighted CVS efforts of acquiring Aetna. The other revealed Amazon move of obtaining pharmacy permits from numerous regions which covered healthcare equipment distribution. Both entities are making similar moves and Amazon will become a formidable competitor since it will go into pharmaceutical sales.

Threats from Amazon have forced the industry leaders like CVS Pharmacy to look for new ways to survive in the competitive field. The pharmacy has introduced strategies to enhance its pivoting efforts into health insurance. It plans to develop and deliver next-day prescriptions across the country as ordered. The two entities want to win the loyalty of healthcare consumers. CVS combines insurance services, pharmacy, and routine care to improve the quality of healthcare in its facilities nationwide. Amazon has everything in store and adding pharmaceuticals will improve its efficiency in serving the customers.

About Drew Madden

Drew Madden is an IT healthcare businessman. The entrepreneur is after setting a firm that has a unique culture, trusted customer relationships, and high caliber teams. He started working at Nordic Consulting Partner in 2010 as the president until 2016. Nordic Consulting Partner is one of the largest epic companies and KLAS award winners due to its outstanding consulting services.

Mr. Drew Madden led the entity in increasing its annual revenue from$1,000,000 to $130,000,000 and the number of employees from 10 to around 725. He started his profession at Cerner Corporation where he was a healthcare IT executive. Madden went to Iowa College of Engineering for a degree in industrial engineering.

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