Everyone has their story on how they got to the top. The different theories that exist are what helps us in choosing our path. As much as they may differ, there are always some similarities that we can draw. Emulating these similarities may incline us on the winning side. One person we can learn from is Sheldon Lavin of the OSI Industries.

Otto began the OSI Industries in 1907. For more than a century, the business has been successful. The excellent leadership and strategies of the company have significantly contributed to the success of the business. Lavin studied accounts and finance in the university. He aimed to start a series of companies that would help in the provision of food. He has been able to live his dream through the OSI Industries.

He currently has the majority shares in the firm. He has been able to gain all that by continually being in the frontline of contributing to the well-being of the company. He began by financing the expansion of the business. Next, he became a partner in the firm, and later the CEO of the OSI Industries.

It is easy to assume that the people on the top did not have any struggles getting to the top. However, Sheldon Lavin says that it is not easy for anyone when they are starting something for the first time. He says that when he was starting his business as a financial consultant, he was scared. It is the success with the Otto & Sons that made the difference. It gave him the confidence to keep moving. This is one of the priceless things that the people can learn from Sheldon Lavin. You have to be willing to conquer the challenges you get along to be successful.

Sheldon Lavin also emphasizes on the importance of having a great relationship with the employees. He says that in his firm, they take lunch together. During this time, they refer to each other using their first names. The bonding they get during this time is what makes it easier when they want to communicate something that is affecting the firm.

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