In 2018 there has been quite a bit of buzz about Freedom Checks, popularized by Matt Badiali of Banyan Hill Publishing in a video that went viral. They’ve been around for years but no one outside of a select few knew of them. Expert wealthy investors such as T. Boone Pickens have been getting income from these for decades and everyone else can too.

Freedom Checks are the dividends that master limited partnerships pay out on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Just like stocks they have a ticker symbol and are available to be traded on exchanges like the New York Stock Exchange. A master limited partnership can be formed by any company in the natural resources industry that is involved in transporting, storing, processing, and/or producing oil and gas. Investors in MLPs get reliable dividend checks which can feature dividends over 12%.

The fracking boom has led to the United States being one of the top oil producing nations on the planet. For this reason, Freedom Checks have a lot of potential as this industry continues to heat up in the wake of the value of oil going northward. This should result in the dividend checks continuing to go higher. It is expected that over the next year MLPs will distribute over $34.5 billion to their investors.

As with any investment, Freedom Checks do have some risks associated with them. If an MLP doesn’t operate efficiently investors in them could lose value. It’s possible although unlikely that oil prices could drop enough that these companies don’t pay out as much as they are expected to. However, the risks are not nearly as much as in other types of investments like stocks. MLPs can also be easily bought as their shares trade for sometimes as little as $10.

You get your Freedom Checks the same way as you do any other investment. The money is deposited into the sweep account at the brokerage you are using. Once in your sweep account you can take the money out, leave it there, or reinvest it. There are some companies that issue actual physical checks to their investors but this is becoming increasingly uncommon.

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